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This blog is to detail my 43 years (1973 - 2016) with a 1928 Chevrolet tourer, affectionately called "The Red Chev".

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hey Monty (Grant Fowler also) did we really do all that in just 16 months

I came across this Grant Fowler memory on facebook, worth posting again.

Alot of fun, coffee and cursing, and this was the result.

What was achieved is below

I found this list of "improvements" Ray Dean and myself worked through meticulously on the old chevy over the 16mth resto period. Everything was rusty and bound tightly together with mud and 80 odd years of unsealed road grime, so things were sometimes a little slow and tedious.
It may look a little aged and weathered but underneath its all good to go.
1. Removed radiator, replaced lower mounting bolts
2. Replaced radiator hoses, water pump, gaskets and fan belt...
3. Replaced timing cover seals and gaskets
4. Replaced Coil, condenser, distributor cap, rotor button, plugs and points.
5. Replaced Oil Filter
6. Replaced Rocker Cover gaskets
7. Reset valve clearances
8. Adjusted steering box
9. Replaced steering arm
10. Stripped and cleaned both drag links.
11. Replaced all shackle bushes in chassis and springs
12. Replaced all shackle bolts
13. Stripped all U Bolts, re cut thread, fitted new spring washers
14. Reconditioned fuel Vac tank, carby and replaced all fuel lines
15. Replaced wiring harness.
16. Removed body from chassis
17. Replaced main timber rails,
18. Replaced majority of body timbers
19. Cleaned de-rusted and repainted the chassis.
20. Refitted body onto chassis with new webbing.
21. Drained, cleaned and refilled gear box and uni joint housing
22. Replaced all brake linings
23. Stripped and cleaned front wheel bearings
24. Stripped and de-rusted all rims and brake drums
25. Replaced front brake adjusters
26. Repaired any rusted body work.
27. Removed rear axle shafts, replaced bearings, seals and gaskets
28. Drained, cleaned diff and replaced all gaskets
29. Replaced complete exhaust system
30. Drained and cleaned fuel tank.
31. Fitted battery isolating switch
32. Replaced tyres, tubes and rust bands
33. Reconditioned wooden spoke wheels
34. Installed new laminated windscreen and rubbers.
35. New rear view mirror glass.
36. Complete new Upholstery fitted, carpets, door trims etc.
37. Fitted all new light globes to 1928 specs.
38. Installed new 4 x new indicators with Hella lens and globes
and no doubt other small things I have missed.

Various tests and fine tuning were completed and over the 12 months restoration period we covered 600miles in total with and without the body installed plus oil/filter changes every 100miles.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Ultimate IRISHMANS 2017 Tour Video (A Must Watch)

144 Cars, 300 people had a great time, including 2 Aussies,Terry Petridis and George Rae who did the tour in a 28 Oakland Sedan,

Thanks to Terry Petridis for sending me the video.

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy a great video

Very enjoyable folks, and don't forget to click on the bottom right hand corner of the screen to get a full size view

Monday, June 19, 2017

Welcome to Bernard from Belgium and his 1927 Chev One Ton Truck

I recently received an email from a blog reader in Belgium, and with Bernard's permission I am posting his emails and pictures, hoping there is a Chev enthusiast close to him that can assist with the body parts that he requires to complete the restoration of his 1927 one ton truck.

OK Chev 4 guys, lets see if we can help a fellow restorer

1st email

Hello, I live in Belgium, close to the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps if you know ? I have a Chevrolet 1Ton truck from 1927 that belonged to my wife's Dad. When he stopped the farm, I picked up the Chevrolet truck that my wife had driven into the meadows being young ! Some time ago, I researched on the internet to gather information, parts references, photos, etc ... That's when I saw your blog and since then I revel in your texts, photos and information ! It is a real pleasure to go through this mine of information. I would like to write to you to share this passion with 15000 KM distance ? I shall be pleased to converse with you, in order to perfect my acquaintance. My language, is French and I beg you to apologize in advance for my google translate English ..... Thank you. Greetings. Bernard.

2nd email

I am pleased with your response and very happy to be able to count on your help. My name is Bernard or Bernie, I am 56 years old, my wife Marie or Mary and my son Benjamin at 17 years old. I have two 1987 Ford Mustang and this 1 ton Chevrolet truck from 1926, 1927 or 28.The parts for this, is very rare in Belgium, one day. 20 years ago, by chance, I found at the bottom of à old garage à complete rear axle with suspensions.... This truck has been in the family forever, registration paper are from 1926, the look is 1927, the engine is from 1928 with a 4 speed gearbox !

There are certainly a few Chevrolet trucks of those years in Belgium, but I have never seen any other .... On the other hand I have seen several cars of this years. I am looking for body parts such as front and rear wings, right running board, splash apron, hood, engine, rear wood spoke wheel, engine, etc .... 

Bernard Raskin

3rd email

Ray hello,
Your idea is great, it is true that with the number of people who frequent the blog, there is way to reach many people. Thank you for this proposal !
I found in Holland a running board left practically nine reference n ° 347645 but I miss the right n ° 347644. The splash and radiator apron are at first sight available at Howell Sheet Metal (request in progress)
The front and rear fenders, the engine hood and the wooden rear wheels are the main parts !
Do not hesitate to ask me for more information or photos which could be useful ....
A big thanks.

Friday, June 16, 2017

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