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Friday, December 30, 2011

Who is a happy boy - Maybe - I have taken a chance - let's find out

Hopefully I have just picked up a new old stock 635B distributor from EBay for the Red Chev. Yes you do take a chance on these, but as the pictures show the key indicators are signs of wear on the bottom gear, and the condition of the Delco Remy tag. Was reportedly sitting on the shelf of a Chev dealer in Iowa. Well lets wait and see.

I have purchased a few distributors over the years, all second hand in various condition for spares, and this ones looks very good. Just the bottom gear alone, if in good condition is a great find.

And by the way if your wondering why another distributor for the Red Chev. Well with the focus on freeway driving I figure it cant hurt to have a distributor spinning in the best possible condition, and I can always sell off some of my previous spare distributor parts to balance the ledger.

Just a tip: if you do a lot of miles like I now do, its good insurance to have a complete distributor set up with points and rotor button and cap wrapped up under the front seat just in case.

Some photos below, and I will update as to whether it was a negative or positive purchase when it arrives.

You will notice the tag is not knocked around or worn

And again the tag

An old wire to the coil has been fitted, lets hope it was to test?

That gear looks to be very nice

Points look new, insulation looks around body looks good

Screw holding down points has been used previously

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