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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Call this a community service announcement

Not related to 28 Chevs, but working on cars always requires your most reliable assistant.


Should anyone find this posting too close to home or distressing let me know and I will remove it immediately.

Just have a look at this IDIOT.

1. Working on a slope with a couple of bricks under the wheel
2. Very suspect looking timber props
3. Welding near if not directly on the gas tank.
4. No possible method of back up or escape if something failed.

Its such a rough looking machine he would have been better to flip in on its side.

Last count in Australia there was about 1 person per week either killed or seriously crushed by a falling car, with the main reason being they think the $35 trolley jack they bought from the discount store will do the job, with no back up required.

If this post does nothing more then prompt the reader just to check his jacking procedure and back ups before he climbs under his pride and joy, it will have served its purpose.

Just remember, this idiot in the picture probably had no dramas, will in time do this again and again, and may even pass the technique on to his friends and kids. But one day some ones number will be up, all over red rover.

And you know, his family will all be grief stricken, his children will be screaming out for their father, his friends will say what a fine up standing man he was. A great father and a great worker.

But you know what, HE WILL STILL BE AN IDIOT.

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