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Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 - 14th October - Carby Upgrade Stage 1 - Adaptor Plate

The first thing required for fitting a Zenith 14991 to a Chev 4 is to make an adaptor plate, which is required as the mounting holes are 90 degrees different to the carter carby. In simpler terms the carter holes run across the inlet manifold, whereas the Zenith's mounting holes run along the manifold.

Not having a milling machine, I spent approx 10 hours drilling, filing and polishing, which also included throwing out the first attempt as I did not like the way it was turning out. The filing was the killer.

Drilling the pilot hole

Boring the Centre hole

Lining up for drilling the Zenith mounting holes

Anyone for Swiss cheese (or death by a 1000 holes)

Many hours later, the finished plate



And a few shots of how it all fits together

You may notice a gap between the manifold and the adaptor plate on the following shots. There is a bit of interference between the edges of the manifold flange and the bolt heads securing the Zenith to the adaptor plate. This will be a simple fix requiring slightly reducing the edge of the manifold flange and possibly fitting socket head bolts instead of hex head.

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