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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 80's and the 90's

This is a time span that is hard to recall many events, apart from some of the improvements that I mentioned in previous postings. There were several weddings will I will cover in a later section, and of course the Pharlap movie, also covered in a previous posting.

For most of this time 84 to 96, I worked for Stem Industries in Bayswater, and the Chev was used on an infrequent basis to drive to work. The other item of interest relating to Stem was the great workshop that I had access to after hours and on weekends. Many an hour was spent repairing and or making parts, and you would be surprised how good a fire hose is for cleaning radiators.

There were many drives with the kids and numerous outings during this period, and the Chev always managed to get to the destination and back home under its own power, no matter how bad the weather conditions may have been.

Mind you it can be pretty hairy in pouring rain with just 1 six inch wiper blade moving across the screen.

The following are a series of pictures taken during 1994, which were sent to the insurance company in support of my application to increase the cover.

The Chev has been continuously insured since 1975, and always with the same company.

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